Pollution Infographic a ASU Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts

This project related to researching, learning, and teaching others about pollution at a local, national, or global scale. In this infographic, I displayed where my data is relevant, in terms of location, time period, and geographical space. My topic for this infographic was accumulative CO2 emissions around the world by country. I then correlated that data to rising global temperatures and sea levels to connect CO2 emissions to global warming.

I made this project using Adobe Illustrator. I used data from OurWorldinData.org as the basis of my information for my graphs. I designed many ways of presenting the information, but it was difficult to find the design that was most effective. I found that by presenting information first on a wide scale and later focusing in on specific areas, I was able to design a more efficient organization of the information.

Quincy Makes — Phoenix, Arizona