About Me
Hello! My name is Quincy and I make design happen. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Design from Arizona State University's Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts. I previously received my A.A.S. in Graphic Design from Glendale Community College in Arizona. I am a Graphic Designer for Maricopa County Community College District. I also teach 2-D Computer Art at Glendale Community College in Arizona. Previously, I was a design intern for the Phoenix Suns where I worked on material for their branded campaigns. Before the Suns, I worked at ASU Art Museum under the Communications Program Director to promote the museum and exhibition. I also worked for ASU's full-service marketing agency, The Enterprise Marketing Hub. There, I worked with experienced designers on campaigns for the university's brand and athletic department. I have a background in branding, animation, print, social media graphics, and video editing. In my spare time, I work on various projects as a freelance designer and graphic artist. I am a gamer, movie enthusiast, hip-hop head, and comic book nerd with an impressive CD collection. I am ready for any opportunity to learn something new, design something functional, and share what I make.
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