Motion Graphics
Various animations I've done academically and professionally.

Sun Child Animation
This is a music animation for the instrumental "Sun Child" by Mic Maven and Sean Avery. I made this in Adobe After Effects. The project is a study of hue and value, with a color and greyscale version for comparison.

MF Doom Music Motion
This is a music animation for the instrumental Eucalyptus by MF Doom. I made this animation in Cinema 4D.

Fall Redux Animation
This is social media GIF I made for ASU Art Museum's Fall Redux event. The event fell on the fall equinox, which was the theme of the animation. This project was done in Adobe After Effects.

Gaucho Bumper
I made this animation bumper for an animation class at Glendale Community College. The goal was to create an interesting way to reveal the GCC Gaucho logo. This project was made in Cinema 4D.
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